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How you can donate and help OUR ministries

Welcome to our donation page, where your support becomes a beacon of hope in fulfilling our mission to partner with local village churches in the Philippines to share the gospel and fulfill the Great Commission of Christ. As a community of like-minded Great Commission-driven Christians and pastors, we focus on reaching the "least of these," marginalized communities, unreached individuals, and vulnerable children.


Your generous contributions empower us to fund special projects, reaching children, empowering pastors and families to be self-sufficient, and training future servant-leaders. Your donation is not just financial; it's a commitment to transforming lives and communities. Together, let's make a lasting impact, envisioning small village churches as self-sustained, empowered hubs for local and global missions. 

ways you can donate:



Our Dear Pastor can come meet up with you at your desired location, or you can come to our church.


You can send your donations here by clicking this button below.



Reach out to us via email,



Message us via SMS at


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